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News July 2018

Dear regulars, guests and friends,

the modernization will continue in 2018 ... so a new kitchen unit was installed in June, which was supplemented by a new fridge-freezer combination in the adjoining room. In addition, the kitchen inventory (pans etc.) was partly renewed. Furthermore, we have new slatted frames installed in the double bed and several lamps replaced with energy-saving LED lamps. For the outdoor area, a new barbecue and a new parasol was purchased.

We look forward to welcoming you soon (again) as our guests.

Your family Schulte from Serkenrode

News October 2016

Dear regulars, guests and friends,

from now on, we can also be reached via our old website address.

The address now also refers to our homepage / website.

We are now accessible by several ways. Have fun with it.

Your family Schulte from Serkenrode

News August 2015

Dear regulars, guests and friends,

the technology in the Schultenhuette is further on the rise. We have decided to modernize a bit in the tooths TV.

It has taken a 24 '' (61cm) LED TV his work at the cottage. This also eliminates the separate receiver and the guest only need one remote control to relax in front of the TV.

Another piece of news, our website is now bilingual. You can use english or german. Dutch will follow in the near future.

We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to welcoming you back with us.

Your family Schulte from Serkenrode.

News February 2015

Dear regulars, guests and friends,

please excuse the interruption of our website. We stayed a few days not online. There were a few technical problems.

But now everything should run again and you can move trough our website as usual.

We would love to be able to soon welcome you back with us.

Your family Schulte from Serkenrode.

News July 2013

Dear regulars, guests and interested parties,

a year later, there are more news from the "Schulten Hütte".

As can be seen in the Photo Gallery Interior Views, a new sofa and two armchairs has moved into the cottage.

In the bedroom, the old cabinet has changed to a newer, larger cabinet.

Also the website is updated and kept up to date.

So, the holiday cottage will be modernized every year to offer our guests a great holiday.

We would be pleased to be able to welcome you back with us soon.

Yours family Schulte from Serkenrode.

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